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Today, solar is science. But why can’t energy be beautiful too?

Sunne is an award-winning solar design brand that’s bringing the future of solar energy into your home. The sun is an unlimited free source of energy and is key to fighting our climate crisis. Through innovative solar design, Sunne weaves energy into objects to enhance their functionality and transform how they look. By embedding solar technology into our everyday lives, we can accelerate the transition to a solar-powered future.

The future is solar-powered. Join the solar movement.

The Sunne story

In 2021, award-winning solar designer Marjan van Aubel and her team launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the first in a line of solar-driven products: the Sunne light.

The kickstarter was fully funded in less than 40 hours, and the Sunne light won 3 design awards before it was even produced: the Wallpaper Design Life-Enhancer of the Year Award 2022, the Dezeen Public Vote and the Dezeen Jury Vote Lighting of the Year award in 2021.

The Sunne brand was then officially founded in 2022, when Marjan van Aubel joined forces with Erwin Marges. Together, they would bring intelligent solar design to market through a combination of high-level design and IoT.

Through their shared love for solar, Erwin and Marjan developed the Sunne brand as a new approach to solar design. They see every surface as an opportunity to harvest energy.

Sunne designs objects as they should be: self-sufficient and powered by the sun.

The Sunne team

The team behind Sunne is a community of solar-passionate, forward-thinking individuals who believe the future of solar democracy lies with design.