We aim to make Sunne as user friendly as possible, but if you need help do not hesitate to contact us.


Sunne support

Help with your order

Something not right with your Sunne? We’ll guide you step by step to help solve the problem in the articles below. If you are in need of advice or have further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out at

Sunne: how it works

Sunne charges itself when it captures sun-rays. The more sun the better – although in some locations Sunne might get too hot for charging. For more information about how your Sunne works click here.

Support with installing your Sunne

Sunne likes to hang in front of a sunny window. It captures the sun-rays during the day and glows after sunset. For a quick explanation of how to hang your Sunne click here.

Optimising how Sunne harvests energy

Sunne charges best in full sunlight. So, when you select a window to hang Sunne – best is to choose a southerly orientation with minimal shading obstructions (avoid trees and tall buildings).

Temperature is also an important factor – some windows get really hot – and we suggest not to hang it directly against the window. Above 45 degrees Celsius, the charging performance is limited for safety reasons. So if you see a lot of sunlight shining on Sunne, but it is not charging well, check the temperature.

If at one point the battery is empty and there’s not enough sunlight available, you can always charge Sunne using a USB-C cable. Just plug it in to the USB port next to the button.