An ambient solar light for your home.




The solar-powered design light for your window. Sunne harvests energy by day to light your home at night.

Designer: Marjan van Aubel

Sunne is made to order and currently available for shipping anywhere in Europe.


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Product Description

Sunne is a self-powered solar light that captures, stores and produces light indoors without the need for an external plug.

By day, it harvests energy from sunlight while hanging in the window and stores it in its integrated battery. As evening falls, it starts to glow, powered by the sun.

With a full battery, Sunne can glow for 14 hours. So with normal use (3 hours each evening), the battery only drops a little each evening and can get topped up with solar energy the next day.

The lamp has three settings that celebrate the natural daily cycle of the sun: Sunne Rise, Sunne Set and Sunne Light. Switch between these gradient hues by pressing the button, or through the app.

How to place it

Sunne should hang in a sunny window, so it can generate solar energy. Start by selecting the window that catches the most sun during the day. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, the best orientation is south. But depending on the location, east to west can also work. Sunne should not be too shaded by trees or by the window frame. Sunlight must be able to reach the solar surface on the back.

To hang Sunne, you will need to screw 2 mounting brackets (included in the box) into your window frame or ceiling. It is best to hang Sunne 2-10cm from the window pane, so you can enjoy the glow in the evening and still close your curtains at night.


  • Made in The Netherlands
  • Dimensions: 81cm x 15cm x 4cm
  • Weight: 2.7kg
  • When fully charged, Sunne can glow for 14 hours.
  • Equipped with a USB-C port for back-up charging if necessary.
  • 2-year warranty, plus dedicated customer service

Sun rise in the morning

The lamp has three light moods that imitate all natural moments of the sun. You can switch using the button or using the app.

Sun light mood

Sunne Light is a more bright color that mimics the light that the sun shines during the day.

Sunne set mood

In the evening, when the sun sets, the sunset mode is switched on automatically.


Hang Sunne in front of your window and it will collect and store solar energy to illuminate your home at night, mimicking the rising and setting of the sun.


Through the app, you can see how much energy Sunne is harvesting and the live battery status.

It also enables you to switch between the light modes and control the brightness.