Power Kit

The Power Kit

As you know, shorter Winter days can pose a challenge for solar power, particularly in certain windows that the lower Winter sun can not reach. So, if you also wish to extend the potential of your Sunne beyond what it is currently harvesting, we offer you with this Power Kit. With this, you can conveniently give your Sunne a power boost if the battery drops below 20%.

What’s in the Power Kit:
10000mAh Powerbank
18W Power Supply
USB-C Cable

Now available for shipping anywhere in Europe.


2 weeks


How it works

Charging the Powerbank
1. Plug the cable into the USB-C charging port, and the other end into the power supply provided.
2. Each LED dot represents 25% of the full charge; they will all light up when fully charged.

Charging your Sunne
1. We recommend charging your Sunne overnight.
2. Insert the one end of the cable into the Sunne
charging point.
3. Insert the other end into the USB-C port of the
4. Rest the Powerbank on the Sunne while it charges;
there is nano-suction tape on the Powerbank to keep it secure. In a few hours, your Sunne should be fully charged and ready to glow for you. Enjoy!

Order info

The Power Kit is available for shipping throughout Europe. Orders places are shipped within 5 business days, delivery is dependent on the shipper and may take up to two working days.

Technical Details

– 18W Power Supply
– USB-C Cable of 10cm in length
– 10000mAh Powerbank

The Powerbank has a small tab of nanotape on the back, if you remove the liner, this should maintain enough “stickiness” to stick to the top of your Sunne repeatedly, during charge boosts.