The Sunne solar Design light hangs beautifully in Norway in a window at sunrise.

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How does it work?

The integrated Sunne solar panel (on the back) generates energy from sunlight, and charges the battery inside. This battery then powers the Sunne light in the evening.

The details:

  • Sunne’s long, horizon shape was designed to maximise solar surface area, resulting in a 15W solar panel.
  • Sunne’s battery was selected so it can provide 14 hours of Sunne light, but with normal use the battery should not empty at all! Each evening, the battery level will go down as the light glows, but then each day the battery is topped up again with clean solar energy.
  • Sunne’s glow is created by LEDs, diffused by recycled plastic. The 3 light modes of Sunne use colour to mimic the beauty of the sun. The LEDs are highly energy efficient, so we make the most of the precious energy harvested by the solar panel.
  • One hour of bright sunshine can provide the energy for Sunne to glow for 2-3 hours, but depends on the time of year and the orientation.
Where should I hang my Sunne?

Sunne charges itself when the solar panel on the back is in direct sunlight.

  • So, hang Sunne inside your sunniest window. It’s best to hang it 2-10cm from the window pane. If you have curtains, we recommend hanging it just inside the curtains so you can enjoy the cosy light in the evening. Just remember to open the curtains in the daytime to let the sunlight in.
  • Looking closely at the back of Sunne, you will notice 12 rectangles. These are the individual solar cells which make up the active area of the panel. The active area should not be shaded by the window frame, if possible.
What size is Sunne?
Sunne is 81cm long, 15cm tall and 4cm deep. It weighs 2.7kg.
It’s a good idea to measure your window to make sure Sunne will fit!
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Is my window sunny enough?
Observe how the sun moves around your home, does it shine directly into your window? Unfortunately, if your windows are not orientated towards the sun, there may not be enough light to generate solar energy.
There are various apps which visualise the Sun’s path based on your location, these can be handy to help decide where to hang your Sunne.
Is direct sunlight required, or will Sunne charge in daylight?
The brighter the sunlight, the more energy it contains. So on a bright Summer’s day, indirect daylight may be enough for Sunne to generate solar energy. However, we do recommend hanging Sunne in a window which the sun will shine on directly, for consistent charging.
What comes in the box? / What is included?
Sunne comes equipped with a hanging kit (steel cables which screw onto Sunne, and parts to attach them to your ceiling), a manual and a product authentication certificate. If you like, you can add accessories like alternative hanging parts or a Power Kit to your order.
Sunne also comes with a promise of dedicated customer care and support.
What happens if Sunne doesn’t work?
We understand that solar technology can be confusing, so we frequently write Support Articles to answer questions. Plus, our Sunne care team is available to support you and guide you through any issues you may have. You can email, and we will respond within 3 working days. Next, we may ask you to share your Sunne’s unique ID through the app. This lets us analyse the performance remotely, and diagnose any issues. Then we will resolve it with you!
Is there a guarantee?
Sunne comes with a 2 year warranty, plus unlimited customer care.
How long will Sunne last?
Sunne is designed to last a lifetime. The clever assembly means parts, such as the battery, can be replaced in a few minutes without any tools, if necessary.