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Your ambient design light, powered by solar energy.

How Sunne works

For your window

Hang Sunne in front of your window and it will collect and store solar energy to illuminate your home at night, mimicking the rising and setting of the sun.

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How does it get it's energy?

It harvests energy from the sun at daytime. By night, it brings sunlight into your home.

Set your mood

The light has three settings that imitate all the natural moments of the sun: Sunrise, Sunlight, Sunset.

Enjoy the sunset

At sunset, Sunne will switch on automatically and starts glowing to bring the magical moment of sunset indoors.

Set your mood

Through the app, you can see how much energy Sunne is harvesting and the live battery status. It also enables you to switch between the light modes and control the brightness.


Designmilk | Gregory Han

Sunne reminds me greatly of the picturesque solar events of late afternoon skies exploding into candy-colored gradient of pinks, oranges, reds and purple hues just before the sun gives way to the evening.

Designboom | Christina Petridou

Driven by their love for solar, Sunne combines modern aesthectics, sustainability, and technology, introducing self-powering products that fit seamlessly within the home.

Hypebeast | Sammy Su

Taking the innovation of solar energy to a new level, Sunne introduces a self-powered lamp that harnesses the power of natural light to illuminate your home in gradient hues.


Sunne is made to order

Once you’ve placed your order, our technicians assemble a Sunne especially for you. Your Sunne will be created with custom-designed components that are in line with the principles of material efficiency, repairability and sustainability. This makes your Sunne last for a lifetime.

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